What We Do


Good leadership is essential to an organization’s ability to make meaningful impact while empowering the people doing and benefiting from the work. 

We help organizational leaders set and actualize their visions. We design and facilitate management, executive, and team trainings. We help solve complex problems by coaching leaders through relationship development and crisis management. We analyze organizational structures, offer solutions to drive stronger results, and design thoughtful approaches to change management. We identify opportunities for growth, engagement, and advancement, and advise on the means and needs to get there.


The right strategy—and communication of that strategy—can help people to clearly imagine an organization’s vision and inspire them to join the effort.

We help organizations design compelling strategies with actionable plans and support implementation to maximize impact. We develop organizing and mobilization tactics aimed at increasing organizational power and influence. We help organizations build stronger stakeholder relationships and foster new partnerships.


Powerful communications tell stories and, through them, deepen relationships, build alliances, inspire personal investment, and make an organization’s work more possible and more meaningful.

We help organizations articulate their vision by crafting stories and teaching storytelling. We have expertise in digital and written communications, and we understand the importance of clear, compassionate, and human-focused messaging. We help organizations develop internal and external communications, including social media campaigns and posts, op-eds and articles, and letters and speeches. We leverage the organizing, political, academic, and writing experience of our team to design communications for any audience and effect.

Fundraising and Development 

Intentional development strategy and fundraising operations are, at their core, about showing people the power and possibility of an organization to make necessary change and inspiring them to join that movement. 

We help organizations build significant and long-lasting relationships with investors, sponsors, and the public. We articulate their vision and tell their stories to spark imagination and create opportunities. We draft concept papers and proposals, manage grant submissions and reporting processes, plan and host funder events, and devise strategies for identifying, connecting with, cultivating, and closing gifts to ensure organizational sustainability.  

Research and Policy Advising 

Organizational strategy and decisions should be grounded in the right and relevant information, including policy and industry landscapes and the perspectives of the people being served.

We offer robust research and stakeholder and community engagement for organizations seeking to broaden their understanding. We organize and facilitate focus groups and workshops. We design and conduct, through partner research firms, qualitative and quantitative evaluations and experiments at the local, state, and/or national level. We conduct deep analyses of policy and legislation, synthesize existing research, and identify and track trends and conversations being had to best position organizations to be impactful and mindful in their approaches. 

Engagement and Outreach 

There is nothing more important to an organization’s impact than authentically engaging with and developing an honest understanding of the people it serves in a real and personal way. 

We design and facilitate stakeholder and community engagement to understand their opinions, priorities, perspectives, and lived experiences to better inform organizational decisions and direction. We organize partner convenings, assemble advisory boards, lead focus groups, and conduct workshops that are constructed to listen, learn, and share.